Digischool FAQ

When will I receive my new iPad?

For 2020/2021 first year Loreto students, the iPads will be handed out during our in-school deployment days on Thursday August 13th and Friday August 14th. All parents and students will be notified in advance of the exact date and time of these deployment sessions.
Students will be given their iPads and textbooks and shown how they can download E-Books for the various first year School subjects. Other pointers on general tablet maintenance, usage and basic troubleshooting will be provided. If students have any questions our deployment team will be on the ground to assist and make sure everything is ready to go for the new School year.

What is the warranty on the new iPad?

The iPads come with a 1 Year return to manufacturer warranty.  This warranty can be extended to 3 years by taking out insurance at €100 per device.

How can I access my Schoolbooks if my iPad has to be taken away for repair?

Digischool.ie will always endeavour to provide a replacement Tablet device in the event of any lengthy repairs or Tablets being sent back to Apple under warranty.

Is there Insurance on the iPad?

As mentioned above, we offer optional insurance at €100 which provides 3 years of cover. See https://www.digischool.ie/ipad-insurance for further details

What happens if my iPad won’t turn on or I can’t login to my Ebooks?

We have a helpdesk especially for Tablet problems open from 9am - 5:30pm Monday – Friday. You can log a ticket by emailing tablets@atozcomputers.ie

Is there anything else I need to know about my new iPad?

We install mobile device management (MDM) software on every iPad which allows us and the School to see what Apps are installed on a device. Any non-educational or inappropriate apps will show up in our software and you may be asked to remove them.
We will keep students informed throughout the year of any changes to software or updates which need to be installed. These information messages will always be sent by email so it is very important that your School Gmail account is setup and working on your iPad

If you have any further queries please contact info@digischool.ie or call 0567712918 option 1